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Leadership Assessment

An online-based tool, the Maxwell Leadership Assessment is designed to assess the individual leader according to 64 important factors. It involves a self-assessment and anonymous feedback from supervisors, direct reports, colleagues, and others.

To become a leader is to have influence on others. Therefore, to grow in leadership, one must grow in influence. The Maxwell Leadership Assessment offers a 360-degree in-depth view of an individual’s influence, based on Maxwell’s Five Levels of Leadership methodology.

As a result, leaders can accurately identify their areas of strength and opportunities for growth. This self-knowledge and team knowledge result in better teamwork, increased confidence, and more targeted leadership development.

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Leadership Assessment

Becoming a better leader starts with self-awareness. Allow MKB Leadership Transformation in Forrest, Illinois to help you with that. I will assist you in identifying your leadership and management skills and finding out how you can further improve as a leader.

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